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Just In! Federal government just released new funding for 2013. Government grants will exceed 100 billion for business alone
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Housing grants for 2013 to hit over 5 Billion dollars. Existing owners to receive limited bailout assistance. First time home owners to receive hundreds of millions in down payment assistance.
Small business grants to get your business started have been recently renewed. Grant Seeker Pro keeping thousands of customers updated.
Did you know the government updates the grant programs on a weekly basis? Grant Seeker Pro knows that and they make a special effort to advise you on all the recent changes to the government grants database.
This past April, the state established a loan program run by the Ohio Housing Finance Agency, expected to reach $500 million by the end of 2007. There is also a much smaller rescue fund of $1.5 million that supplies grants.
Under legislation introduced by state Sen. John Sabini (D-Jackson Heights), the government would pay 75% of the ESL tuition for foreign-speaking students who are over 18 and make less than $30,000 a year.
U.S. Rep. John McHugh’s office informed Trudeau that Frances Lund and Troy Randall have been awarded National Research Project grants from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and will each receive $1.6 million in funding over the next four years.
The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL), Employment and Training Administration (ETA) announces the availability of approximately $47 million in grant funds for YouthBuild Grants.YouthBuild is a youth and community development program that simultaneously addresses several core issues facing low-income communities: housing, education, employment, crime prevention, and leadership development. Grant funds will be used to provide disadvantaged youth with: the education and employment skills necessary to achieve economic self-sufficiency in occupations in high demand and postsecondary education and training opportunities; opportunities for meaningful work and service to their communities; and opportunities to develop employment and leadership skills and a commitment to community development among youth in low-income communities. As part of their programming, YouthBuild grantees will tap the energies and talents of disadvantaged youth to increase the supply of permanent affordable housing for homeless individuals and low-income families and to help youth develop the leadership, learning, and high-demand occupational skills needed to succeed in today’s global economy.
Federal officials release details of $75 billion loan modification and refinancing programs. Borrowers can start contacting loan servicers.

NEW YORK (CNNMoney.com) -- The Obama administration's foreclosure prevention program is open for business.

The multipronged fix calls for companies to help as many 4 million struggling borrowers by modifying loans so monthly housing payments are no more than 31% of monthly gross income. Separately, homeowners who haven't missed a payment can refinance into lower-cost loans even if they have little or no equity. This is expected to help up to 5 million homeowners.

The $75 billion loan modification plan will provide incentives to borrowers and loan servicers and investors to spur mortgage modifications. The government will also subsidize interest rate reductions to get borrowers to affordable monthly payments.

"This plan will help make home ownership more affordable for nine million American families and in doing so, help to stop the damaging impact that declining home prices have on all Americans," said Housing Secretary Shaun Donovan.

Borrowers can now contact their servicers to see whether they are eligible for assistance. Federal officials will promote the program at homeownership events nationwide.

The administration Wednesday released additional eligibility criteria and program guidelines.

The loan modification plan focuses on people who are behind in their payments or are at risk of default.

Federal officials clarified the definition of "at risk" as those: suffering serious hardships, declines in income or increase in expenses; facing an interest rate hike; having high mortgage debt compared to income; owing more than their house is worth, or demonstrating other reasons for being close to default.

To participate in the loan modification plan, borrowers must:

have obtained their mortgage before Jan. 1, 2013;
have a primary mortgage of less than $729,500;
live in the property;
fully document their income by providing tax returns and pay stubs;
sign a statement of financial hardship; and
go for counseling if their total household debt - including auto loans, credit cards and alimony - totals more than 55% of their income.
The modification program will be in effect until the end of 2013, but loans can only be adjusted once.

Officials also unveiled more details on how servicers will modify the loans. First, they must reduce interest rates so that borrowers' total house payments are not more than 38% of their monthly income. The government will then subsidize servicers dollar-for-dollar to lower that ratio to 31% - but the interest rate can't go below 2%.

The new interest rate would then remain in place for five years, after which it will increase by 1 percentage point a year until it reaches either the original rate or the prevailing mortgage rate at the time of the modification, whichever is lower.

If rate reductions aren't enough to get payments to 31% of income, a lender can extend the term up to 40 years, or shift part of the principal to the end of the loan at no interest. Servicers also have the option of reducing the loan's balance.

Servicers will receive $1,000 for each loan modified, as well as additional annual bonuses if borrowers keep up with payments. Investors will receive one-time $1,500 incentive payments for restructuring qualifying loans that are not yet delinquent. Finally, borrowers who keep up with their new payments will receive up to $1,000 a year in principal reduction, for up to five years.

The program also includes a new provision to eliminate borrowers' second mortgages. Investors in those mortgages, who at times have blocked modifications because they don't benefit from the adjustments, will receive incentives to eliminate those claims. Servicers that get second-mortgage holders to participate will receive an additional $250.
According to a 2006 study by the A. Gary Anderson Center for Economic Research at Chapman University, government grants contributed $11.7 million to O.C. non-profit arts in 2006 alone. That figure, which was $11.1 million in 2002, has only gone up $600,000 in four years.
Small business research grants available
MORTGANTOWN — More than $1 billion in research grants are available from the federal government. "Small business owners and researchers may apply for grants to create new technologies that offer solutions to the nation’s most pressing scientific and engineering problems," said Sharon Stratton, manager of the WVU SBDC in Morgantown. Each year the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) funds more than $1 billion in early-stage research and development projects to small high-tech firms. SBIR funds touch the full spectrum of federal research and development. These awards are made in diverse fields including manufacturing process control, environmental monitoring, medical devices, software, avionics, optical computing, aquiculture and education.
Clinton opens "Frontiers of Opportunity" for tribal colleges - Bill Clinton, federal grants to Native American schools
After two decades of prayers, politicking and impassioned pleas, tribal colleges have gained greater access to federal grants under an executive order signed by President Clinton.

In 2007 the Legislature designated $325,000 for a Sesquicentennial Grant program to be available to communities and organizations across Minnesota.
There will be at least one grant, for up to $1,000, awarded to a nonprofit or local and county government and higher education and local school districts in every county in the state to help give every citizen the chance to celebrate.

A grant program for small businesses

This program is called the Small Business Innovation Research program, or SBIR.

SBIR funds are granted in two phases: Phase I awards provide up to $100,000 to help businesses research and test the feasibility of a new product or service idea. Often Phase I goals involve the development of a working prototype. With completion of all Phase I development goals, award recipients can then apply for a second, Phase II, grant award of up to $500,000 to help bring developed technologies or services to market.


Free Meals and Food Items for the Needy


In 2007, the Congress set aside $189.5 million for The Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP). This money was spent to provide free emergency food and nutrition assistance to low-income Americans.


Canned and dried fruits, canned vegetables, fruit juice, dried egg mix, meat/poultry/fish, dried beans, pasta products, peanut butter, rice/grits/cereal, and more than 60 products were made available this year.


Homeless people, low-income senior citizens, and needy households benefit from TEFAP. Under this program, food is distributed to needy households and individuals in the form of food commodities to be consumed at home or as prepared meals served in certain locations.


If you qualify, you can get free meals served from soup kitchens or similar places without making any applications. However, you'll need to meet State income eligibility requirements to be able to take home commodity goods.



New Housing Grants to Help Prevent Foreclosure


At the end of last year, just over 9 percent of all home loans in the United States were in arrears or already in foreclosure, the Mortgage Bankers Association has said.

A total of 8.1 million U.S. homes, or 16 percent of all households with mortgages, could fall into foreclosure by 2013, according to a report by Credit Suisse.

An Obama administration official said the total plan commits up to $275 billion for housing, including $50 billion from funds already committed in the financial sector bailout plan. It aims to help up to 9 million American families.

Mindful of critics who might charge that the scheme would help people who just took on far more debt than they could afford, Obama said his plan was aimed at "rescuing families who have played by the rules and acted responsibly," refinancing traditional mortgages for up 5 million homeowners who now are close to owing more than their homes are worth.

It will also establish a $75 billion fund to reduce monthly payments for another 3 million to 4 million homeowners "stuck in sub-prime mortgages they can't afford as a result of skyrocketing interest rates or personal misfortune," Obama said.



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Grant Seeker Pro Inc Wins Prestigious Award. Aired on the Nationally Syndicated Television show HEARTBEAT of AMERICA hosted by William Shatner. Click here to see video. :Government Grants Info:

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