The Federal Government is Giving out over 155.5 billion dollars in Business Grants!

Receive Government Small Business Grants for virtually any type of business. Whether it is to start a business or expand your existing business there is money waiting just for you. The Federal government provides this money to help existing small business owners and those who want to start their own small business change their lives and achieve financial independence.

The United States Government wants your Small Business to succeed and you will be amazed at the lengths they will go to help ensure your success.

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  • Would you like to have small business grants for legal assistance?
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Why don't more people apply for these small business grants? The Government does not budget for advertising. They never have. Unless there is a true catastrophic need for a particular program they simply rely on the states and local agencies to get the word out the best that they can

Facts About Government Small Business Grants:

  • Over 1 million people get Government Small Business Grants every year
  • Over 10 BILLION dollars is available for entrepreneurs in the form of Low Interest Small Business Loans.
  • 4,000,000 people get money to invest in real estate!
  • Did you know that if every small business in America were to apply for and receive an equal share of Government Small Business Grants that each and every business in this great country would receive a $70,000 free cash grant?

It's a fact! Businesses like Nike, Intel, AOL, Compaq, Apple, Ben & Jerry's, and FedEx all received financial assistance when they were young. You can find business grants for:

Startup Salaries Free business consultation
Overhead Equipment financing Patent registration
Expansion Rent Patent protection
Acquisition expenses Employee training Infrastructure funding
Legal expenses Business expenses New inventions
  • Did you know that H. Ross Perot has received Government Small Business Grants?
  • Did you know Paul Newman has received Small Business Grants.
  • Did you know Donald Trump has used Small Business Grants to fund many programs.
  • Most recently the airlines have received Billions in grants to make sure they stay afloat through these troubled times.

The US Government is actually seeking people to start up small businesses. They have millions of dollars waiting for the hard working entrepreneur.

Grant Seeker Pro inc. provides you with information regarding every state agency that awards business grants, every SBA approved lender that can help you get a guaranteed $260,000 loan within a 36 hour approval time, every agency that provides financial and technical assistance specifically to women owned businesses, and every state agency that provides an average of $10,000 in free business consultation including help with starting or expanding a business, marketing advice, and legal advice.

Are you a woman or a minority that just needs to get your foot in the door? You would not believe the amount of money there is to assist you. Over 15 Million Dollars!

There are currently 12 million dollars set aside in direct Small Business Grants for women, low-income and minority entrepreneurs.

Everyday entrepreneurs across the country are receiving Free Small business grants from the US Government! Sometimes even through their own municipal governments!