Technical Support


If the typed-in info in your Business Plan for Windows VISTA/Windows 7 doesn't show up when clicking /View\ this setting has to be made:

Navigate to: Drive C: Right-Click mouse on
C: select OPEN from list (Always Left Click to 'Select' and Right Click for 'Menus')
Locate Program Files Right-Click mouse on Program Files -select OPEN from list
Locate 'GSP' Right-Click mouse on 'GSP' -select PROPERTIES from list
Left Click mouse and select Security
Group or User Names 'Left-Click inside the box' not on any particular name just an open spot
select -EDIT
select -ADD
Create the name Everyone ( make sure to use a Capital E )... now click the Apply and OK and backtrack out to original C:

Save all your work—Close all programs—Restart your Computer

(To TEST to see if your changes worked, create a 'NEW' Business Plan (you can name it TEST if you want), only fill-in a couple pages /SAVE/ and skip to the last tab [32] to /VIEW\ . Make sure to SAVE first before attempting.)
There may be 1 additional step to do if the above has not completely remedied the problem. You need to make sure that under the Group and User Names that ALL Users have CHECK Marks. If not we can email you some photos and give the second part of the fix.


Error Code: 'Please Close Open File'

You've entered in your business plan details, saved it along the way, and now you get to the VIEW button step: Error Code: Please Close Open File this means you have put in a special character that is not allowed in the business plan. Make sure you go through your business plan and check for any abnormal characters. } could be one of them or a character accidently typed in as a slip of the finger.


If you see the following error during installation. (This error usually appears when DOT NET Framework is not installed).

To fix the problem perform one the following:

Solution 1:

a. Click abort "on the error" then click cancel.
b. "Double Click" on my computer.
c. Place your cursor on the Icon that shows the CD Drive that contains your GrantSeekerPro CD. "Right Click" on that drive. When the new menu opens place your cursor on the word "Explore" and "Left Click"
d. A new window will open and it will show two files. AutoRun and GRANTSEEKERPRO. Place your cursor on the icon that says GRANTSEEKERPRO and "Right Click" on that file. When the new menu opens place your cursor on the word "Copy" and "Left Click"
e. Close all open windows. Place your cursor on an empty spot on your "Desktop" (Computer Screen) "Right" click your mouse. When the menu opens place your cursor on the word "Paste" and "Left Click"
f. This will cause the file on the CD to copy over to your Desktop. Once the file has completely copied over simply place your cursor on the new icon Double Click and then follow all on screen instructions.

Solution 2: install Microsoft .NET Framework from Microsoft, restart computer and then install Grant Seeker Pro CD. here to install

I Have a Macintosh!!

To our valued MAC users simply follow the link below to the Windows website where you can download the latest program for running Windows Programs on your MACINTOSH Computer.

"16 bit MS-DOS Subsystem" error

After the installation of Windows XP Service Pack 2, the error "16 bit MS-DOS Subsystem" appears on my screen when I try to run an application such as Grant Seeker Pro.

What can I do to resolve the error message? This is a problem with Windows XP Service Pack 2. We have provided a solution for this error. You can fix this problem by following the instructions below:

Solution: Install . This installation program will reinstall the missing or corrupt Windows system files, autoexec.nt and config.nt. The absence or corruption of one or more of these files causes a "16 Bit Subsystem" error.
We recommend that you download this file and save it to your desktop or to another location where you can find it. Double click on the file to run it once it's downloaded. If problem reoccurs in the future, simply re-run this program. Please let us know if this clears your issue.

Errors during normal use of program:

I cannot see the list of grant programs in the "Catalog", "index" or "search" modes. The problem lies with your system. The programs are not being displayed because your system is either missing or has corrupted Microsoft Original Equipment files. You will need to take the following steps to correct the issue.

If you have Netscape 8 installed on your computer it will cause all the grant programs to appear blank. This is a problem caused by Netscape 8 and negatively affects the Grant Seeker Pro program, Microsoft Internet Explorer, and any other software program that relies on Microsoft XML coding. To fix this problem please take the following steps:

1. Uninstall Netscape 8
2. Go to the Start Menu an
3. In the RUN window type "regedit" then hit ENTER
4. Inside the Registry Editor open the following folders: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE – SOFTWARE – Microsoft - Internet Explorer – Plugins - Extension
5. Once inside the "Extension" Folder, highlight and right-click the file titled "xml" and select Delete.
6. Close Registry Editor
7. Restart Grant Seeker Pro

Unfortunately, if Netscape 8 remains installed then the registry key is continually being rewritten preventing Grant Seeker Pro from operating properly. Netscape is currently working on a fix to this problem and future versions of Netscape may be compatible.

1. If you have Windows98 click on the link below and download the file to your desktop. The file is approximately 8 Mega Bytes and will take about 20-30 minutes to download on a standard dial up connection. Recommend you save to your desktop.
2. Once downloaded you need to completely uninstall Grant Seeker Pro. Click on Start, Settings then Control Panel. Once there click on Grant Seeker Pro then click the Add/Remove option to remove.
3. Once removed click on My Computer, Then click Your "C" drive, then click Program Files, Then check for a folder labeled Grant Seeker Pro. If found you need to delete it.
4. Restart your system.
5. Reinstall Grant Seeker Pro from the CD
6. Run the Win 95-98grantseekerpro.exe file that you downloaded. When installing select the repair option.
7. Open Grant Seeker Pro by clicking "Start" then "Programs" then Grant Seeker Pro. If you are asked to install the Jetpack 4.0 select yes. Continue with the installation and reopen GSP.

What to I do first

Finding the grants you want

The first step is to find the grants you are looking for. To do this open the Grant Seeker Pro™ by clicking in its desktop icon. Grant seeker pro allows you to search in three modes: "catalog", "index" and "search" modes. here, we will cover search by "index" as an example.

On the main menu click on "index", this will give you an alphabetic list of all the types of grants, let's say you are looking for small business grants, you would go down the list until you find "small business" then click on it. This will open a submenu with all the grants related to small business. Read through them, once you find the grant or grants that you qualify for, write down the program id number so you can refer back to it later if needed.

Maximizing your grant search

the grants that you are looking for maybe located in more than one category. lets say you are looking for a business grant, you would logically look under the "business" category. furthermore, if you are a farmer you may also want to look under "farm" for business grants designed specifically for farmers.

Next step - The Application

Once you have found the grant programs you are looking for. Then, the next step is to fill out the application form that is included in the software. From the main menu click on "application".

Once you open the application. It will ask you if you want to work on a brand "new" application or "open" an already saved application. Choose whichever applies to you. If you are starting a new application click on "new". if you want to open an existing application you were working on. Then, click "open".

Once you have filled out the application and have met all the requirements. Then, you are ready to mail the application to the selected organization.

Application form questions:

Construction versus Non-construction If the grant you are applying for has to do with building a structure then mark "construction" otherwise mark "non-construction".

What does identifier, state identifier, federal identifier means? If you have a grant application pending then you would enter the identifier or case number. If not then just enter N/A in the three fields.

The Business Plan

If the grant program you are looking for requires you to include a business plan. (look under "application procedure" for that specific grant program) then, you can use the business plan software that comes included. To access the business plan click on "business plan".

Once you open it. it will prompt you to choose whether you want to start a new business plan or if you would like to open an existing business plan. Choose whichever applies to you. If you are starting a new business plan, the program will prompt you to name your business plan. After you have named it click "save". Then, click on "start" and fill out the required information .

If you have filled out the application and met all requirements then you are ready to mail the application along with the business plan to the address provided for that specific grant.